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new mothers support group singapore

Sasha Harrison 

Vanessa Contumelias 

Ashley Ragno 
Membership Secretary 

Kirsten Farrelly 

Kiran Bawalli 
Social Media Coordinator 

Amy Fender 
Website & Communications 

Hannah Masford 
Newsletter Editor 

Sophie March 
Socials coordinator 

Khalisah Ward 
Baby & Bump coordinator 

Daisy Mehra 
Socials coordinator 

Sonia Divekar 
Talks coordinator 

Alexandra Hay 
Socials coordinator 

Pip Johnson Socials coordinator 

Ivy Esquero 
Discounters coordinator 

Laura Edge
Talks coordinator

Rachael Yates 
Special Events coordinator 

Emma Oddie 
Baby & Bump East Coast coordinator 

Eva Khoo 
East Coast Socials coordinator 

Tygane Lopes 
Botanical Gardens Walk coordinator 

Daphne Kemp 
East Coast Walks coordinator 

Carly Buckland 
Socials coordinator 

Louise Montefiore 
Socials coordinator 

Nicole O'Connor 
Socials coordinator 

Our committee is made up of busy mums living in Singapore. They run our events and take care of all the background functions such as memberships and finance. All committee positions are voluntary. 

About the NMSG

For new beginnings, support and lasting friendship, join the New Mothers' Support Group

Who We Are

Set up nearly 20 years ago, we are the original support group for new mums and mums new to Singapore. We offer a chance to start friendships and build support through regular socials, walks, wellness groups, parties and seasonal events. We also offer information on all aspects of parenting under 5s through talks and our newsletters, as well as discounts with local retailers - why not join us?   

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